OUR MISSION is to build a solid foundation of positivity in Kaitaia to generate a source of LIGHT and increasing POSITIVE ACTIVITY to everyone who wants to receive it.
Our mode for achieving this is by hosting community events and showing the positives of Kaitaia to SHINE this Light reach ALL our Far North towns, communities and families. We firmly believe that EVERY CHILD IS BORN WITH A TALENT and is born with a PURPOSE.
We want to encourage our taitamariki to realise their talents and provide platforms for them to share with their community - and the WORLD. We also believe that MUSIC heals and COMMUNITY EVENTS create JOY, HAPPINESS, KOTAHITANGA and UNITY - these ingredients providing sustenance for our community spirit and naturally creating a more positive and inspiring environment for our children to live, learn and grow in.
Our Shine On Kaitaia Team is made up of like-minded individuals, young and not so young! They share a vision where young people lead positive events and projects for the betterment of the community which, while building meaningful relationships, will create social cohesion and change towards a positive future.
If you support this kaupapa, then YOU are a part of our Team!! We want our kākahu available to our community to share and spread the positive message that Kaitaia does indeed Shine! Every purchase you make is supporting our events and lifelong dream of maintaining a Kaitaia/Far North Youth and Community Activity Centre.